The bald eagle and the United States flag symbolize RIVERGROUP's focus on helping companies develop business with the U. S. Federal government. RIVERGROUP
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Competencies and Team Experience

RIVERGROUP has assembled a team of experts comprised primarily of individuals with specific competencies and experiences that make them leaders in their fields.

RIVERGROUP experts are part of our alliance team. Many serve as heads of small companies providing expertise critical to program and project success. The following are examples of team membersí former careers and positions:

  • Director of Fortune 500 corporate government marketing operation with over 25 years experience.
  • Director of government affairs with a Fortune 500 company with 20 years experience in political advocacy.
  • Assistant commissioner of the General Services Administration heading the Federal Supply Service Multiple Award Schedules Program, 30 years experience.
  • Assistant general counsel of the GSA Federal Supply Service, 28 years experience.
  • Military Surgeon General with 30 years global health care leadership experience.
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense and Defense Logistics Agency executive who served as principal architect of DLA's EMALL e-commerce program, 20 years experience.
  • Twenty-year member of the U.S. Congress and chairman of the Appropriations Committee, and now CEO of a top ten lobbying firm.
  • Communications, advertising and public relations executive with 20 years experience working with financial, media, health care, technology, government and nonprofit organizations.
  • Transportation executive with 25 years experience working in state and local government development, specializing in new technology solutions.
  • Director of export controls for a Fortune 500 company with 25 years experience.
  • Chief technology officer and Ph.D. chemist focused on analysis and identification of R&D opportunities; 20 years experience.
  • Foreign Service Officer , U.S. Department of State, focused on international issues, analysis and presentation of facts for strategy formulation, 21 years experience.