The bald eagle and the United States flag symbolize RIVERGROUP's focus on helping companies develop business with the U. S. Federal government. RIVERGROUP
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Where Innovative Ideas Flow

About Our Firm

RIVERGROUP Incorporated is a premier business development consulting firm focused on helping chief executives increase profitable business through government markets.

RIVERGROUP is a team of the very best experts, experienced in developing and executing focused strategies in:

Government Business Development/Government Marketing
Lobbying and Government Affairs/Government Relations
Government Research and Development (R&D) Funding Programs
GSA, VA, and other Government Contract Negotiation and Management
Contract Compliance Management Programs
Government Market and Database Research
International Marketing and Import/Export Controls
Appropriations Issues
Investment Strategies

RIVERGROUP delivers on our brand promise by uniquely blending business management, marketing experience and knowledge of government requirements and agencies. Our name is based on the definition of a river as "a large flowing channel on a definite course." We are prepared to help your organization achieve a definite course to strong results.

We help executives recognize, define and execute innovative strategies while assisting with maps to opportunities for successful government business development. We help the organization focus on delighting the customers, creating specific performance measurements to promote approaches that support results. Our management process helps identify the highest impact practices to be modeled and transferred across the organization for high value business growth. Our emphasis is on helping executives provide customer solutions critical to quality by focusing on doing the right things, right.